18 August 2017

Waiting for Summer !! (Sunshine & Rainbows..)

The highest temperature this summer has reached 28 deg here, however the overall summer has been a wet scenario across parts of The Highlands :-(
August has again been a very busy month here at Serendipity B&B with visitors from around the globe and it's a shame they haven't seen the region at it's best...
There have been good clear dry spells at times & when the sun came out it has looked beautiful.

A couple of photo's taken during the better days!!

....and the rainbows have looked great too !
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4 August 2017

Earth Tremor @ Moidart, NW Highlands (04-08-17)

Reports of an earthquake felt in Fort William this afternoon 4th Aug 2017.
Registered 3.8 Magnitude @ Moidart in the West Highlands region. 
The biggest tremor to hit The Highlands in 30 years!


27 July 2017

Homemade Raspberry Jam @ Serendipity B&B

It's that time of year again, our garden raspberry canes are in full fruit & ripening very well. Finally picking fresh fruit every day for fresh breakfast jam making. A popular choice over the years has been to add a "dram of whisky" to enhance the flavour and this is making it's way back onto the menu for our summer guests here at Serendipity B&B in Glenmoriston.    

25 July 2017

Summer Swimming in Loch Ness !!

July has been much better for sunshine & hotter temperatures across the Highlands reaching 26deg at times! Every year we take the plunge at some time & have a swim by the shores of Loch Ness near Invermoriston, so far this July we've been in twice (still quite 'cool' in the shallow waters!!)


10 July 2017

Mountain View @ Serendipity B&B

July continues with mixed "Scottish Summer" weather, no two days recently have been the same here. Some of our recent guests at Serendipity B&B have had dry cool spells whilst others have had rain :-(  We have had some lovely evenings though & the mountain view looking west has looked very colourful at sunset.


4 July 2017

Sunshine returns to The Highlands...Yey!

After a much cooler & wetter spell for the end of June into July the sun returned with a pleasant 19 degrees here in the NW Highlands giving us a chance to keep the garden looking tidy & sneaking in a cheeky game or two of tennis!
It is Wimbledon time after all :-)

Our favourite hobby, tennis....
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2 July 2017

Wildlife on the increase @ Serendipity B&B

We had a lovely spring here at Serendipity B&B and many of our guests will remember seeing the Pheasants chasing around the garden & their 'early morning' mating calls !! This was followed shortly after by a beautiful pair of Partridges visiting, they were always together and very fast on their little legs!  We've been delighted to now see many of the offspring nesting in the hedgerow & long grass heather banks at the front of our B&B.
We purposely keep an area of the garden wild especially for the larger birds that visit and have been rewarded by their presence. These little guys are guaranteed to make you smile although we have left them well alone & hope that many will survive considering the amount of other predators in this part of the rural Highlands.